homemade pectin from The Preservation Kitchen

This is quite a week. For starters, The Preservation Kitchen is out! Order it here or here. Even better, order it early and often, in true Chicago style. The Recipe Club offers this sneak-peak of the book. Paul Virant, my co-writer, is cooking recipes from the book at special dinners this week at his restaurants Vie and Perennial Virant. He talks about the book at length in two Q&As, this one from Eater.com and this one from Grubstreet.com

Chicago Magazine had this write-up by Carly Boers,  which concludes: “Geared toward ambitious home cooks and professional chefs, these recipes could inspire the rest of us to fit into one of those categories.”

a look inside The Preservation Kitchen
We’ve had some friendly exchanges on Twitter, including:

@RebekahDenn “Paging through the new Preservation Kitchen by Paul Virant and @kateleahy. Cannot wait to try Rhubarb-Beer Jam and Pickled Snow Peas!”

@alanachernila “THE PRESERVATION KITCHEN just showed up on my doorstep. Holey gorgeous pickles.”

@anguyen “Just received “The Preservation Kitchen” by @kateleahy & Paul Virant. Beautiful and thorough. Pickled snow peas? Yes!”

@LottieandDoof  “Preservation Kitchen arrived yesterday. It is so fantastic. Bravo! I know what I’ll be doing all summer.”

@CorinaQuinn “Just got a copy of #thepreservationkitchen and it’s gorgeous!!!!”

@ErikWestra: “Just two weeks until we get our grubby paws on The Preservation Kitchen.”

@StirBoston “I’ve been reading and re-reading the Preservation Kitchen proof. Wonderful. Can’t wait for real deal on April 3!”

We’ve also had some blog buzz. Katherine Sacks interviewed me for a post on her blog, La Vita Cucinare.

And Paul is a guest blogger on Powells.com all week long. He’ll tell you how to make the perfect macchiato…. and he’ll share what he listens to while canning.

It will be… wait for it… jammin’.

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